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GearBox Studios

When Impossible, Possible

About Us

At Gearbox Studios we believe that image power.. Changes perception. Gearbox Studios is an agile photographic agency, specialized in professional digital commercial photography maintaining the international codes of the photographic industry.

Established in 2002, Gearbox Studios carefully combines professional academic background ,latest photographic lighting techniques, most to date know-how, best tailored studio setups, with unique talents and expertise of its staff; working hand-in-hand with key creative directors and advertising agencies to bring about the highest quality photographs and customized sets for established reputable clients. It’s not about freelance job, from this concept emerged the company with 15 employees for exceeding service. Serving the market in business-to-business model, is what makes Gearbox Studios far ahead.. Gearbox Studios owners (Mr.Khaled ElDash and Dr. Ahmed Zeidan) as well as experienced professional technicians, are capitalizing on assignments that may have been considered challenges, creating commercial photography solutions maintaining the idea concept & brand character on each assignment. While Gearbox Studios is based in Egypt, it has undertaken prestigious assignments throughout the Middle East and much further afield.

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